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This website is about the British.

The British

England is not a large island. Ireland is near England. I complain because there is a concept of governing near where you live. The residents of London seem reluctant to participate in government. William isn't popular here because he didn't study at Oxford. When he was in the army he was a helicopter pilot. It seems strange to me that they don't vie to replace William. William comes across as dim-witted. He doesn't play sports. It's strange that everyone is stuck with William and Harry when neither of them seem high achieving. And so the residents of London simply accept that William and Harry didn't study at Oxford. I tell them that I am a member of the DAR and I would like fewer state visits. Because William seems dumb and it's strange to behave as a dullard is the King of England. (October 27, 2020)

It used to be that people from England lived in Ireland. There is a Collins Dictionary similar to the Webster Dictionary. Also, people in England didn't used to get married really. The landscape in Britain today is that, (1) the English can't as much live in Ireland, and (2) British people are generally married. The Americans are complaining about the British army. If the British army is generally married, they wouldn't be a great army. Alexander wasn't married. Caesar was kind of married. Patton was married but he wrote letters to his wife because he was always at the front. The British army is filled with married men. (October 26, 2020)

And that's about the time...
The British army refused to use the telephone.
(October 26, 2020)